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Your perception is your perception!

Here's another tough one for Truth students, and that is remembering that one person's perception is just that, their perception. We sometimes believe, how we see things most other people see it that way too, but that is incorrect. Yes, we will bump into people that has similar views and opinions but our perception is personal, it's nurtured from our upbringing, our values and morals; and if you're a born again Christian you now have a new set of values and morals than what you were raised with. The realization of your Christ mind greatly alters your perception, your lens of life is now seen through Compassion, Love, Joy, Peace and Understanding; and as long as you stay in God realization that's how it will be. You will have moments when you're not in your God realization but don't worry, the Holy Spirit will quickly come to your rescue by bringing it back to consciousness. "For I will never leave you nor forsake you. "

Prayer and Meditation keeps us in our God realization, lets get started today!

Trust God, Trust Jesus, and Trust the Holy Spirit! Be great today!

#godisallthereis #prayerandmeditation #sowgoodseed #omniscient #omnipotent #omnipresent #thankyoujesus

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