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Chanting reverses negative and unwanted thoughts.

Truth students, we understand the power of our thoughts, we understand that thoughts are things, so we must do everything in our power to protect our thinking. Chants can quickly change an unwanted thought to a thought of subtance. Chanting is the saving grace so utilize this precious gift to the fullest. Go to the Meditation Mantra page for the latest recommended Chant that could greatly impact your life, for the better. Don't let what you see, hear, and or physically experience create negative thoughts, now, because your thinking is so fast the negative thought may still happen but as soon as it is identified, correct it with a positive Chant. Practice makes perfect so the more you do it the easier it will become, soon it will be instantaneous and become your Nature. I recommend going to Spirit Voyage and or the Sikh Dharma website for more chants that you can apply to almost every area of your life. Don't become a victim of any unwanted situation in your life, simply put a Chant on it!

Thank you Holy Spirit as your wisdom continue to flow through me as me!

Peace and Blessings Truth Students and Be Great Today!


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