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Spiritual meaning/explanation for everything!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

As Truth students we understand (at least I hope we understand) that there is a Spiritual meaning/definition/explanation for everything that transpires in and around 0ur unique dynamic life. You are (or should be, if not let's work on it) a high vibrating divine energy, and these vibrations can be felt by the Conscious and Unconscious Mind for miles, possibly across Continents. The Unconscious mind discerns high vibrations erroneously, it does not fully realize why and what they are doing, as they go through life in a constant state of agreeing with what they don't want, thinking it's for their good, or that it's for someone else, while their thoughts can only create for themselves. The Unconscious individual will eventually see all things for themselves as they are unknowingly creating the unwanted experiences through their unconscious agreement and their acts. What we do is an agreement with Spirit, I must repeat...What we do is an agreement with Spirit, and there are different vibrational levels of Spirit, (some low, some high) agree with what you want to experience, every thought is your experience (today or in the future) whether the thought is about you or someone else, the Law is always responding and answering to you, because you are the First Cause (God).

Be Great Today!


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