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Meditation Mantras

   Peace and Blessings, truth students! 

Our Meditation Mantra for the week of 6/4/2023  is

Mantra for Self-Esteem:


Darashan Maago

Jis neech ka-u ko-ee na jaanai
That wretched being, whom no one knows

Naam japat ouh(u) chahu kunṯ maanai
Chanting the Naam, the Name of God, he is honored in the four directions

Darashan maago dayh(i) pi-aaray
Oh Beloved, please give me the blessing of Thy Presence

Tumaree sayvaa ka-un ka-un na taaray ||1|| rahaa-u ||
Serving You, who, who has not been delivered across the challenges of the world? ||1||Pause||

Jaa kai nikaṯ na aavai ko-ee
That person, whom no one comes near,

Sagal srisaṯ u-aa kay charan mal dho-ee ||2||
The whole world comes to wash the dirt of his feet ||2||

Jo praanee kaahoo na aavat kaam
That mortal being who relies on breath, who no one loves or desires,

Sant prasaad taa ko japee-ai naam ||3||
By the Grace of the Saints, he meditates on the Naam ||3||

Saadhasang man sovat jaagay
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the sleeping soul awakens

Tab prabh naanak meeṯhay laagay ||4||12||63||
Then, O Naanak, there is an attachment to the sweetness of God ||4||12||63||

By: Guru Arjan, fifth Guru of the Sikhs​​

Repeat for at least 11 minutes!

As we continue to pray and chant, let us focus on our self-esteem - the power of our true self.


     Be Great Today!


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