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Spiritual Meditation

"You should sit in meditation for at least 20 minutes a day- unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour. " - unknown

What a wise phrase from an unknown author, as he or she briefly, and eloquently describe the importance of meditation. I must admit it literally saved and changed my life for the better, and I know it will do the same for you. Even if everything is great in your life right now, start preparing for the day when it won't be so great because we all know that's the way life is. There are good days and bad days, highs and lows. Meditation doesn't eliminate the bad days but it brings balance that helps you navigate the storms, so that when they come you can stay afloat with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is always there for you, but I learned that it (the Holy Spirit) is very relational, the more you respond to it - the more it responds to you. The Holy Spirit is fascinating, it governs all Spiritual Laws and it has an all encompassing agape love for you and me.

Strengthen your relationship with the Holy Spirit through Prayer and Meditation and love, live, and learn your divinity! Lets get started today, I'm here to assist you on your Spiritual journey, be great today!

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