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Predestined to do God's will!

To the best of our understanding, All that God has created has its beginnings with a thought. Which means we are living in a Phenomenal thinker, which means we too are Phenomenal. God's Agape love gives us Free will; you're basically free to do whatever you want to do, but in this Freedom comes responsibilities. A few weeks ago I spoke about how the Holy Spirit can help you with your responsibilities, It can take the wheel if you let It; and those of us that have that awareness, and have handed their life over to God, were predestined to do God's will! Nothing takes this Intelligence by surprise, It knows your end to your beginning because it's Intelligent. We can choose to live our lives by our will or God's, so why not trust the intelligence that created all things seen and unseen? Thinking, doing and speaking all that God Is, is living a life in God's will. Don't rationalize hurt, harm, or any type of evil deeds as being in God's will, because it's not; even if the deeds appears to be for the benefit of the masses, if it hurts or harms just one of its highest creations it's outside God's will.

I can blog many days about God's will but nothing is more important than establishing and maintaining your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Christ, the Buddha, the Catholic, the Atheist, the Jew, the Muslim, the all encompassing intelligent Infinite being we call GOD! Prayer and Meditation is the best way I know, lets get started today! Be great today!

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