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Peace that surpasses all understanding!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

The subject of Peace is fascinating because most people correlate it with being quiet and still, now that is an aspect of Peace but today lets go deeper into the understanding of Peace. Peace is represented in being still and quiet, yes that's a peaceful act; and one can say that harmony in your daily life activities and with the people you come in contact with creates a peaceful atmosphere, this is true. Even in the eye of the hurricane storm there's a peaceful place in contrast to what is happening around it, but there is an indescribable Peace that imbues your mind and body - the Christ! Philippians 4:7 speaks about this Peace, "And the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

If you haven't experienced this type of Peace go get some because it is simply amazing! Not only does it surpasses the understanding of people around you, you the recipient of this Peace don't quite get it either. When you first experience this Peace and before you get used to it and have some level of understanding, you may inadvertently try to push it away, and that's because it'll feel strange; things that used to bother you, just don't any more and you'll question "why is that?" Crazy as it is, you may even try not to feel this Peace because you'll feel like you're being cruel or insensitive by not reacting or responding to people and life events in a way that most people do, or even how you used to. Relax, it gets easier over time and soon you'll realize that it's one of the greatest gifts from God. You're not being cruel or insensitive you're just guarded, you're at Peace; soon you will welcome this Peace, and begin to enjoy this Peace. This Peace surpasses all understanding, so you will never get a full understanding of It but why bother, just continue to smile, enjoy, and be at Peace! Prayer and Meditation can usher in this Peace, which is the Peace of God, lets get started today!

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