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Jesus the Prophet!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I was watching a Television program and the woman being interviewed spoke about how we as Christians are primarily preoccupied with the Healing Jesus, the raising of the dead Jesus, and have gotten away from the Prophet Jesus. She goes on to say that the Prophet Jesus challenged, contested, confronted, and contended the oppressors (not in that order) in his time, with lessons of what will happen to our Soul and our Lives based upon how we treat people. Of course speaking this Truth was an important part of his mission and his message, and to be students of his teachings means we must honour every aspect of Jesus, not just the saving of our sins Jesus (even though this is equally important). Jesus the Prophet gives us the lessons of how to live a God filled life by teaching us the way of the Holy Spirit and the Spiritual Laws that rule our entire existence, and of which we're subject to; what will become of the individual, and their souls when living outside of God's will, because we do have a choice.

At Sow Good Seed, we highlight the lessons of Jesus Christ the Prophet and we share this knowledge with whomever will listen, and with the Love of God. Through Prayer and Meditation the message of the Messiah will illumine and enlighten the Mind and Soul, lets get started today!

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