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Intercessory Prayer!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Every day the Holy Spirit reveals to me another person in turmoil with their true self; blinded, mesmerized, hypnotized, basically asleep and unaware of their God being. These vulnerable individuals are being violated and are unknowingly planting unhealthy seeds into their subconscious, of which their harvest will reflect.

"........the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."- James 5:16 NIV

Intercessory prayer does not change any Spiritual law, and it will not change or manipulate another person's harvest, it can only help the individual handle their harvest. We all know that Jesus said that as you Sow so shall you reap, it's a law that is no respecter of person. The best that any intercessory prayer can do for anybody is to help bring the person that's being prayed for, out of their sleep- out of the collective hypnotism, and begin the awakening process of their true being- which is the God that is the breath in their nostrils! Be great today!

#prayerandmeditation #godisallthereis #omnipresent #omniscient #omnipotent

#thankyoujesus #sowgoodseed

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