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Your Intent will be your resolve!

Meditation aligns your mind with your Spirit, it connects you with your source, which is God. As you go about your day you are doing things that your mind tells you to do. Your mind is receiving Grace from your Spirit, and that is why you wake in the morning and that is why you are able to do what you do throughout the day, it's because of Grace. Now.. .we also have free will (volition), and we also have laws (the Holy Spirit governs) that are basically running things. Our volition grants us choice, so we can basically choose what type of day we will have; good or bad, our day will be how we decide. I understand that somethings happen which we believe is out of our control..but for the most part our day is crafted by our thinking. The intent which is behind the thought will be the resolve or conclusion to circumstances in your daily life. I ask you to test and see, for the next 24hrs try to monitor your thinking ( or start a journal) take a mental note of what your thinking and your intent behind the thought. Keep in mind that the results or resolve sometimes doesn't show up right away, but I guarantee you it will. Be great today!

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