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What is the problem?

I love Audiobooks and my favorite is The Bible Experience - The New Testament, not only are the characters speaking word for word (NIV) but the sound effects bring the words to life. One scene in particular, was when Jesus was standing before Pilate, and the people in the crowds was yelling to have him crucified and to free Barabbas. There was a man that yelled "His blood is on us and our children." I shudder to think, but what did Jesus do that was so bad that you're willing to curse your own children? And it's still happening today, people are willing to say and or do things to "get at somebody" or "make face" or "I'll show you" without giving thoughts to how what they are saying and doing will effect themselves or even their children. What is the Problem? What could be so serious in life today where people are willing to sacrifice so much? We're intelligent beings, everyone knows that life returns to you what you give, do we believe that we're exempt? And here we are today just as the people were over 2,000 years ago, so upset in their own minds about the actions of another person to the point where nothing else matters. Oh..Holy Spirit have your way in all spaces today Lord, and fill the hearts and minds of your creation with love and compassion, cover and protect all children in Jesus name Amen.

Prayer and Meditation, lets get started today!

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