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The Idle Mind 

We've all heard the saying that "an idle mind is the devil's playground" but what does that really mean? If a person doesn't have enough to do or something to keep them busy, their thoughts will wonder to a place of nonsense for stimulation? If a man, woman or child is not in position to express their highest and best self creatively, they will seek that expression in a negative manner and possibly bring harm to themselves or others? Or does it mean that being idle in thought mean you're wasting valuable time while you should be thinking about what's the next power move in your life? Based upon everything we've been seeing and hearing we now know that the idle mind is definitely not the devil's playground, it's the misguided active mind. The busy mind thinking about who, what, where, when and how? Is where the so called devil has its fun, from the seesaw to the monkey bars and over to the sandbox, the so called devil revels in the busy mind of one that has forgotten who they truly are - that person that has knowingly or unknowingly turned their backs on God. An idle mind is a better mind when compared to a busy misguided (Carnal) mind; an idle mind actually makes room for the Holy Spirit to move in and take over. If you know someone that is currently in an idle mind, take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to dwell in that space, I guarantee you will see a miraculous change because an Idle mind is open to change, and with the Holy Spirit, the change will be for the better. Be a witness to the transformation or be transformed yourself and Be great today!

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