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The Fruit doesn't look like the Seed!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

We struggle with knowing that life events are the results of our thinking - good and bad. I say We because for many years I didn't believe it, I simply would not accept that my thoughts about myself and others would show up in this manner. But the Fruit doesn't look like the Seed, meaning - your thought seeds change into something else. When a farmer or any one that loves to grow things from the ground, plants seeds in fertile soil - the seeds germinate and become a vegetable, fruit or whatever the intended purpose, its form changes. Our thoughts about ourselves and others are planted into our subconscious and in due time the intended purpose shows up, but it never looks like the original thought. This is why some people say " bad things just happen, it's a part of life " it's a part of your life because you produced it, your thinking has now manifested in the form of its intent not the thought itself. This is why a lot of people don't believe it, and some will even challenge it - put it to the test., see if it will happen, some will go as far as to call themselves Karma, and take pleasure in proving it wrong, but their attempts to prove wrong is actually proving it right. SMH!... Time speaks all Truth, and God is the best teacher - you may be a disbeliever today but tomorrow or in the near future you will have a change of mind, I guarantee it. So Lets start today - purging our subconscious mind, getting rid of anything that we may have mistakenly planted, so we can live a happier life.

Prayer and Meditation is the best way I know, lets get started today!


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