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Summer Reading!

Greetings Truth students, I trust you are healthy and safe. I just completed my first book that's on my Summer reading list. "The Yoga Discipline" is an awesome read and I recommend this book to all Truth students especially beginners. If you are just starting on your Spiritual journey and or you're interested in learning about Siddha Yoga, this book is perfect. Discipline, profound discipline is necessary on your Spiritual journey; it's extremely important and without it, the hard lessons will continue to show up in your life, until it's learned. Discipline helps you see the big picture, it helps you to receive and understand the full lesson; so that the lesson is learned, received, accepted and then it elevates the Spirit, and in that elevation is Growth.

I especially like the chapter that discusses our eating habits and the importance of moderation. We know that gluttony is a sin, but knowing and doing are two different things, but that's ok...we're taking life events one Seed (thought) at a time, there's no rushing in this process, let the Holy Spirit guide you and stay aware of its guidance.

Next on my Summer Reading list is a recent recommendation from a friend, so I've adjusted my list and added "A Course in Miracles."

This is a heavy read and it includes daily activities; I'm giving myself by the end of the month deadline (something I don't usually do) to have this book completed, because I want to get through my entire list before the end of August. We'll see how it goes...

Prayer and Meditation is the best way I know to stay in the awareness of the activity of the Holy Spirit. Lets get started today and be great today!

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