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Soften the Blow!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I was watching a show over the weekend and in one scene the eighteen year old daughter decided to exercise her newly appointed rights of adulthood and leave the parents home ( against the parents advice) to live with an abusive boyfriend. The mother said to the daughter as she sat in the boyfriend's car, is to listen to her parents advice because learning lessons from God will be much harder. I do believe that God created us to have parents ( or parent figures) to take care of our wants and needs as a child but more importantly to protect their children from the full effects of the Law. Remember God's laws have no respecter of person, it doesn't care who you are nor how old you are, it just works. No one can completely protect you from God's laws but God filled advice that usually comes from your parents (parent figures or Spiritual advisers) can ease the effects, basically soften the blow! Some children- definitely not all, that grow up without parents or parent figures usually have a rough life, and it's not because God doesn't love them, it's because there isn't anyone there to basically protect them from themselves. There isn't any parent figure there to offer God filled advice to help soften the blows of their own thoughts, and create new thoughts/make better decisions, of which now the Law is creating in their lives. Everything that God has for us has already been given and can't be taken back; the best that we can do for ourselves is to learn, acknowledge and agree with God's love and God's Laws. Prayer and Meditation can bring you to the stillness that's required for the revelation of God's laws, lets get started today!

Be great today!

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