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Relentless Holy Spirit!

You think you are persistent, consistent, in a relentless pursuit of whatever it may be: money, power, control, prestige, or even peace. Yes there are many people in pursuit of Peace, which may seem crazy because to have peace all you have to do is let it be, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post there are phases to getting accustomed to the Peace of God because it's beyond our understanding. Money, power, control and prestige are things of this world, and as Truth students there's no need to pursue them, again..all we have to do is let it be, but only if it's for our highest good, the Holy Spirit will reveal that to you. The relentlessness of the Holy Spirit is something that nobody can compete with and if you try you will sorely lose. The Holy Spirit is the activity of God, you know.. the one that created all things, including You. Being in a relentless pursuit of anything outside Its Will, will not end well. Don't forget, the sin against the Holy Spirit is the only unforgivable sin, and just as persistent and pervasive you think you are, the Holy Spirit is a hundred times mightier, I know this as a fact because you didn't create yourself. The Holy Spirit works through people that cooperate with It and its Laws, and as students of Truth we establish our cooperation with the Holy Spirit through Prayer and Meditation. I experience the relentlessness of the Holy Spirit every day, I see it using people, places and things with their knowledge of it or not, and in each realization it gives me greater love, confidence, trust and yes...Peace! I encourage you that's reading this post and those within its Vibrations to get to know the Holy Spirit in a personal way; Prayer and Meditation is a good way to start. Be great today!

I love you Holy Spirit!

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