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I haven't talked a lot about what I'm reading and what are you reading? LOL!

I know that Truth students are always on a quest of greater knowledge so I'm making some changes. Moving forward I will be sharing more about my daily readings; why and what I am reading, and sharing insights and revelations that may come from those readings.

I'm currently studying Siddha Yoga and Jainism. I'm excited about these subjects because as always, the Holy Spirit led me to these particular belief systems and I know that there is a message of Truth to learn that I can immediately apply to my life. I know this because, this is the type of relationship that I have with the Holy Spirit, and I'm grateful for its activity in my life.

I'm reading two books; "The Yoga of Discipline" by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda (paperback) and "The Soul of Jainism" by Dr. Shiv Sharma (kindle). The weeks coming I will discuss what I think and feel about these fascinating and unique belief systems while staying true to my personal belief system. God moves through all religions and beliefs so I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its lesson and keep me in the covering of Grace. I pray that you are reading something that stretches your mind to foster the growth that's necessary on this Spiritual journey, please share in the comment section below.

Stay in your Truth and be great today!

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