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Women, all of life begins with you, for only a woman can physically procreate after receiving the seed from the man, and only a woman can nurture life within herself and out of her comes a new life. Women we must set the example for everything that is good and right; we must start by loving ourselves and I don't mean looking in the mirror and saying "you're the bomb" type of love, we must go deeper. We must live up to the Queen status we were born with that many of us forgot. Just as God anointed Mary to birth the Savior of the World, we too must embrace our anointing and give birth to the highest example of everything True, Good, Compassionate and Right. As a Queen we must also be the example for Love, Forgiveness, Kindness and Understanding. Sow Good Seeds women, for the success and continuation of our society needs it! Prayer and Meditation can show you how to truly love yourself which is loving the God that dwells in you as you. Be great today!

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