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Personal Sin, Personal Forgiveness!

We live in a world that's filled with thoughts and deeds that are not godly, these thoughts and deeds are created from a deep belief in separation from God. These ungodly deeds are everywhere and they are often disguised as kindness, or betterment for society. So, what can a person do when they are not aware of the Intent of lets say their employer, or their mentor, pastor or parents? Are we responsible for a hierarchy intent or is that between them and God? A lot of people believe it's between them and God, but you are wrong to believe that. For example: if your employer tells you to deliver documents to the law firm down the street, and your job is to deliver packages, you will do your job and deliver the documents. Sounds simple yes? But what if the documents you just delivered were filled with lies, slander, and hateful awful words, what if the simple act of delivering the documents creates some sense of harrassment or strife? aren't you now apart of this ungodly act because you delivered them? Most people would say "No" because most people believe that the person who prepared the documents are at fault not the person that delivered them.

The Omniscient Spiritual Law knows all things, and the package delivery person has now unknowingly taken on someone else's sin. This happens many times in our lives, we have either directly, indirectly, knowing or unknowingly placed ourselves within someone else's sin which has now become our own personal sin.

Strangely enough, there are some people that believe it's ok to take on someone else's sin, especially if it maintains a brotherhood or sisterhood, as part of a club or organization. The problem with this belief is that the people in your organization will not be with you on judgment day, and Spiritual Law responds to you personally, and it is not concerned about what your job, or organization you belong to, it gives you what you ask, and we are asking not only with our words but with our deeds. Now, God will forgive All sins when you ask for forgiveness/repent but the Law that responds to your every thought must and will complete its mission, that's what the Law does, and that's all it knows to do.

But how does the package delivery person become a part of this sin when they're not aware of what's on the documents? they don't know about the slanderous words etc, they're just making a delivery. The all knowing Spirit that resides within every person that exists knows what's on the documents - so the package delivery person is now a part of someone else's sin. Right now you have to be thinking, with this reality we can be in sin all day, every day, and you would be right.

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;" - Romans 3:23

This is a highly elevated understanding of God and the activity of the Holy Spirit. I ask you to meditate on this Truth after reading.

In our prayers we ask for forgiveness of our sins but we are usually thinking about the sins we know of, like hurting someone or telling a lie but we must also ask to forgive the sins we unknowingly commit, or the sins we commit from a sense of obligation to our work, people, or organization; get specific with God when it comes to purification of your Spirit just as you are specific about asking for your needs and wants.

There is more to say about sinning and forgiveness, I will talk more about this important subject over the next few weeks; in the meantime keep reading, studying, praying, and meditating.

Be great today!

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