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Meditation is an active Virtue!

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Living a virtuous life is only between you and God, for on that judgment day it will be you, alone. There won't be any one else there to help justify or explain your deeds, no one there to pass off the responsibilities, or to get cheers or jeers, it will be just You. Why not live your life at a high moral standard? What else is there to do? You and the World will benefit from it, and God is God of the masses, everything is for all, not one. No one and no thing is worth tarnishing how you're seen by God; yes God is forgiving and his mercies endures forever but why not live a life that pleases him, why not live a life of genuine beauty, and grace?

Daily meditation contributes to living a virtuous life, it cultivates your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, it keeps you in alignment with right thinking, and doing. Meditating is an active Virtue, lets get started today!

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