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Live and wait for your harvest!

Patience and Faith are two extremely important qualities you must possess on this Spiritual journey and your daily meditation practice will do the nurturing for you. Sow Good Seed is a metaphor for doing the right thing and trusting for right results; but we must have faith in what we've sown and patience in the meantime. The Holy Spirit (who is Governor of God's laws) timing is always perfect, so we must continue to live each day as our best self and wait for our harvest. We must trust the guidance/prompting of the Holy Spirit to know when to move or when to keep still, when to speak or when to keep silent, for we don't want to delay our season to reap. Notice I said "delay our season to reap " no one, not even ourselves can permanently keep us from our Harvest but we can create obstacles to delay it temporarily. If you know that you've been doing things in the Will of God - figuratively planting good seeds, well your Harvest is at hand so get ready to reap. #thankyoujesus

Lets get started and be great today!

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