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Interpretation of your Spirit!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Everything that we think and do is a result of an interpretation of our Spirit, and our misinterpretation is why we have a belief in evil spirits. This collective belief system has actually created the collective illusion of evil spirits because thoughts are things, but as Truth students, we know better, Truth students know that there is one God and one Spirit in three persons. God (Head), God (the Son - the way-shower), God (the Spirit in action - the Holy Spirit). Since we are the effects of the one and only Spirit, this Spirit lives in us as us during our Earthly journey; we are Spirits having a human experience. During our human experience, we go about our daily activities, but the Spirit that lives within is instructing us on what to think, say, and do through our Consciousness. Our consciousness is a crowded place, filled with thoughts and memories of our past, possible biases and or prejudices, and so forth. This information comes from our subconscious within a split second, it happens so fast we don't realize, and we also don't realize that sometimes we are misinterpreting what our Spirit, that dwells in our conscience and subconscious is saying to our conscience mostly because of Ego. The short version to what I am saying is that we can misinterpret/misunderstand our higher thinking from the crowded room in our consciousness, we can sometimes actually believe we are doing, and being in the will of God - but we're not. Our misinterpretations, some call "sins" can lead us astray, sometimes so mentally far away from our God-self it can appear as if we reached a point of no return.

Prayer of all types (intercessory etc) can knock on your heart's door and remind your consciousness of who you truly are, and bring you back to interpreting and understanding, discerning from the crowded room your Spirit thoughts- your God thoughts and these are thoughts from the Heart.

There is definitely more to say about how we understand our "Self" in the meantime, keep praying, meditating, reading, and serving, and don't forget to Be great today!


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