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How are you giving?

On this spiritual journey we learn about the Circle of Life, how and what we give returns to us 100% of the time. This Law exists whether you're aware of it, or believe in it, a Law just work/do no questions asked and the Holy Spirit is the governor of all Laws. The Governor tells the Law to respond based upon your intent/motivation, which is why I stated a few days ago about how your intent is your resolve. When it comes to giving - giving of your tithes or time, what is your motivation? What is your intent? Are you giving from a motivation of feeling sorry, sad, or frustrated? Which is giving from a sense of lack. Are you giving from a feeling of pity or pioud? Which is also a sense of lack attached to the EGO, which is never good. Some people wonder why they tithe on schedule every week at church yet they're still struggling financially(I used to feel that way) it's because they are tithing from a sense/motivation/intent of lack - and because the circle of life returns to you your intent, your experience will be more lack in spite of your giving. This was a hard lesson for me to learn, I always thought that when you give you get, not matter what the motivation, I was wrong! I encourage those reading this post and within it's vibration to clear out all negative intentions/motivations before you give anything, especially tithe and time. Give from a genuine feeling of Truth, Whole, and Have; remembering the Truth of who you are- joint heirs with Jesus the Christ, child of the most high God - which is humbling; the Whole of who you are - which is everything that the father has is mine, not by my own might but by Grace alone; so now I "Have" this tithe or this Time to give and I'll give it Cheerfully because God loves a Cheerful giver. Prayer and Meditation prepares the heart and mind to give in this Spirit. Lets Meditate and Be great today!

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