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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

When it comes to dealing with the past there's absolutely nothing you can do to change it. It's's in the past and it is gone forever. What we can do is learn from it, which brings me to this ministry Sow Good Seed. This ministry was created from lessons of my past and the snippets I could gather from others that had an influence. Which is why when I suggest sowing good seeds (which is saying do the right thing, choose right thinking) it is not to condemn (of which I would never do) it is to stimulate an awareness about one of the hardest lessons I've learned in my life. This hard lesson, of which I later learned is actually the simplest and easiest lesson, and that is to "treat people the way you want to be treated" keep thinking right thoughts which leads to right actions, " keep your mind stayed on thee." My history is unique because it is my history, no one else can live my life for me and I can't for them, but I wanted to share a few pearls of wisdom I picked up along the way. His-story and Hers, " your actions today are constructing your tomorrow's "- Jane Elliott.

The day will come when you will meet yourself and all the seeds (thoughts and actions) that you have sown will now be your harvest, whether good, bad or indifferent because it is a Law. God's forgiveness does not change his Laws because his Laws are no respecter of person and all of his Laws have already been given, and you know God can't take back what has already been given.

Please take these words spoken about my history and what you can do to transform your life for the better starting now, take with the love of God and be great today!

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