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God is my source!

One of the best affirmations that anyone can affirm is "God is my Source," the source of abundance, wisdom, knowledge, love, joy, peace, passion, patience and zeal; trusting and knowing that God will provide every detail in my life which includes meeting the right people at the right time and establishing right relationships. This affirmation affirms inspiration and motivation to complete tasks and knowing what, when and how to complete such tasks. "God is my source" affirms attracting the right resources at the right time and blessing these resources to bring an increase in my life and the lives of my family, friends and those within my vibration. God is my source claims everything possible to live a content, balanced, and harmonious life. Think on these things when you contemplate "God is my Source" and be great today!

Lets get started today!

#godisallthereis #prayerandmeditation #sowgoodseed #omniscient #omnipotent #omnipresent #thankyoujesus

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