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Two days ago I blogged about the Holy Spirit and I talked about my earliest encounter with It. I know there are many people out there that have had an experience with the Holy Spirit and as a result, now have Spiritual Gifts. Are you the parent of a child that most people would consider lets say...eccentric? Are "you" eccentric and not sure what to do with it?

Eccentric people are Spiritually recognized people, which means, you've begun the Awakening Process but not sure of how to process the process. No worries I can help!

The bible talks about Spiritual Gifts and they are..." The Word of Wisdom, The Word of Knowledge, Faith, Gifts of Healing, Workings of Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of Spirits, Different kinds of Tongues, and Interpretation of Tongues. " 1 Corinthians 12:8-10

Chances are you or your child is experiencing one of these Spiritual Gifts, and the only way to get clear about the process is through Prayer and Meditation, more importantly Meditation. The final stage in Meditation is listening, after you've contemplated scripture or whatever the Spirit has led you to contemplate- it's now time to listen. It takes time, but just as Jesus had disciples in his Spiritual journey, you are not alone either. You are a Gift of God, nurture your Gifts with Sow Good Seed and Be Great Today!

By Satori Kensho

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