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Gambling with Life!

During my backsliding years I did some things that I definitely should not of done; but I was caught up (mesmerized) to the degree that I was willing to take the risk, basically Gambling with my life. I created excuses for my risky deeds, such as: "the money is good " or "God understands me" and "God will forgive me, so I'm not worrying about it." I even went as far as justifying some of my actions as being in the will of God, as the saying goes "oh what a tangled web we weave." I was mentally backsliding away from God, yet God never left me; I was willing to Gamble with my life for some type of man made compensation via money, acceptance, or material things. I kept sliding until finally I hit the bottom and I fell flat on my back. I later realized that I was fortunate to of fallen on my back (what happens to people that fall on their face will be discussed in the next blog), that way I could look up to see God's hand reaching out to me, so I grabbed it and never let go. Please understand that I still have moments of sin, when I start sliding a little - but now I know how to quickly get a grip and stop the slide. I'm not Gambling with my life anymore, and that's because my mind, body and soul has accepted the Christ like mind of which I receive when I Pray and Meditate. Do you feel like you are backsliding? Do you feel distant from God and or, are you doing things that you know deep down inside is not the right thing to do? If so, I can pray with you right now (chat on my website or phone) or sign up for my life transforming lessons.

Lets get started today!

Be great today!

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