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Everything is Spirit!

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Scientists says that we are vibrating particles vibrating so fast that we appear solid; that vibration, to a student on a Spiritual journey is the Holy Spirit, the Law in motion. Now everything is Spirit but what kind or level of Spirit? The Spirit that holds you physically together is not the same Spirit that influences your personality, or is it? Spirit is all Intelligence but intelligence is different from maturity. I'm sure you may have met an adult that's super smart but acts like a child, or a child that's so mature in their demeanor we sometimes think "they've been here before." The intelligence and maturity of Spirit can be on two different levels but in one host (our bodies), yet everything is Spirit. Our Spirits are on a journey and no one knows its final destination, and even if there is a final destination. God is Infinite, and we are created from this infinite being, so I guess that means we are Infinite too? It's all up to the Creator-God, God decides who will live for eternity. I make no judgment but I'm almost certain that being in alignment with God, by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and accepting the Christ mind as your mind, puts you in a good position for eternity. Prayer and Meditation is the best way I know to stay in alignment with the great Creator, lets get started today!

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