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Contemplative Meditation!

Contemplative meditation is one of my favorite forms of meditation; it's similar to Mindful meditation and is on the opposite spectrum of Transcendental. Who knew there were so many different forms of Meditation? In the early years of my Spiritual journey I thought meditation was sitting in a quiet room with your legs crossed, hands on your knees with fingers in the "Om" position or in the prayer position and try not to think about anything. Now, that is one form of meditation and it is very effective for some people....not me. My mind was all over the place thinking about what happened at work that day, and what will I cook for dinner...etc..etc

I felt like meditation isn't for me, I can't do it, but I was doing it! Mindful meditation is just that, being aware of the many thoughts you will have while sitting in silence but control those thoughts. And the best way to control your thoughts is to pick one in particular and Contemplate it. I can show you how to be "Okay" with the many thoughts that run through your mind as you begin meditating, you will eventually tame those thoughts to work for your benefit and I can show you how.

Beginner meditators, you can Meditate; It will take some time but you will be forever grateful that you didn't give up. Be great today!

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