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Ash Wednesday Revelation!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I visited a prison today, I did not go inside but as I was approaching the prison, I had a Revelation. Before I speak about the revelation let me tell you that this is a very large prison, on a very large campus which appeared to have continued for miles, the closer I got to the building its occupants became clearer and clearer. The prisoners were wearing red and not orange to my surprise and they were walking around in even lines with their heads down ( I don't know if that was by instruction but it was disheartening) and they appeared to be walking downward, down a big hill I guess. I kept driving past the prison yard, to the entrance and then quickly started my ascent away from the prison. I looked to see if the prisoners were still outside but they weren't then the Holy Spirit began to speak. To surmise my Revelation - I thought about when Moses approached the Pharaoh of Egypt demanding that he free the slaves, and how the Pharaoh refused in spite of the many plagues until finally - what the Pharaoh thought he was doing to the Hebrew slaves, in turn he was doing to himself and his own family. Please read the book of Exodus to better understand the story about Moses and how he freed the slaves from Egypt, it's a fascinating story that applies to many of today's life situations. The stubborn Pharaoh eventually freed the slaves but later reconsidered and called all of his military to go after the slaves to bring them back into bondage. It didn't work, if you read the story, Moses parted the Red Sea and all of the slaves (vulnerable and oppressed people) traveled safely to the other side and Pharaoh's entire military was swallowed under the Red Sea. God showed me the Red that the prisoners were wearing, and the name of the Sea, is symbolic of the enemy (which can be people, a sense of separation from God of which creates lack, hate etc) and its many cohorts, in a Mental prison - who's Spirits are condemned (because they refuse to recognize and accept their own divinity), and I can feel that the number of condemned Spirits were many and wide spread. And their heads down was symbolic of these condemned spirits being aware of their condemnation, and resolved to remain in that state as they were headed to a place to be never seen again. The Red Sea that parted for the slaves, of which devoured the military is symbolic of being under God's will and following his plans, the once enemy is now an advocate and will protect the oppressed. My prayer - Father Mother God, show your loving kindness and favor just as was shown to the slaves that exited Egypt, share your Grace and Mercy with your children, and may we all repent of our sinful ways and remain in right accord with your will and your way. In Jesus name I pray, Amen and So it is!

If you would like to hear my full Revelation experience go to my website, all of my contact information is available.

Be great today!

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