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I bolded the title just to emphasize the enormity of what is coined "edging god out" or the devil itself, but the EGO can be a beast! If this beast is not tamed properly it can literally be the root of our greatest downfall. "How do I know?" you ask, well...there was a time in my life when the EGO and the other beast "Greed" got a hold of me and wouldn't let go. I was working for a finance company, making a lot of money, living the good life- as though I thought. I was getting paid to do (what I later learned) unethical, immoral things and I simply didn't care because how great the pay was. EGO and Greed were dominating my life at that time, and I was blinded, I rationalized my evil doings saying things like "this is my job, this is what I'm paid to do" and "I know God understands my position, he understands what I have to do." WRONG! God doesn't see our shortcomings, our inequities, our faults, our lies, our evildoings; God only see's us for who we truly are - a part of him, Holy Whole and Complete. Now the Law is a different story, the Law just does what it is suppose to do and doesn't ask any questions. The Law is no respector of persons (the impersonal aspect of the Holy Spirit), and completes itself and all tasks every single time with accuracy ( no wonder things fell apart). This is where we get into trouble with our EGO's and Greed and any other type of deed that is not of our true nature, our God nature which is Love - compassion - forgiveness - peace - joy, you know where I'm going with this...STOP thinking that God is giving you a pass, or he'll make it right, if you are stuck in your EGO and if you are stuck in any type of Beast that's outside of the will of God - just like the Prodigal child, you too will one day come back home - back to the realization of your true self and the Father will be there waiting for you with open arms. In the meantime prayer and meditation keeps the voice of God active in our hearts to help discern what is the right thing to do at all times. The personal aspect of the Holy Spirit never gives up on us - thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Jesus for the Revelation and thank you God for Being!

Be great today!

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